Translations: I know that your translation is urgent. For this reason there are  no explanations or lectures here about what translation is. Anyone who wishes to find out more about the work of a translator should click here. Together with my partners (also translators with academic training), I offer translations from English, French, Spanish and Italian into German and from German into English, Italian and Spanish. The costs vary depending on the volume and level of difficulty of the original text. The bandwidth ranges from 1.20 euros to 1.80 euros per standard line (55 characters including spaces). Adherence to assured dates is a matter of course and does not have to be especially emphasised. We are happy to make you non-binding offers on request (see Contact)

• Proofreading/correction: You are not sure whether your presentation, your scientific treatise, the content of your web site, the company newsletter or your contribution to a specialist periodical is sufficient for all expectations in respect to style, grammar or orthography? Then you are at the right place here. We make sure that your text is presented without blemish in respect to language. The costs for this range from 40 euros to 70 euros per hour. ON NO ACCOUNT will we adopt the correction of translations which have been automatically  produced from a well-known Internet service. In this case, we request you to wait until there is also a corrector feature for this service.

Create text/content: You are looking for a partner who will take over the creation of marketing and advertising text, articles for your next newsletter or the content of your company’s web site? At the same time you wish to avoid your text becoming a sequence of familiar empty words? We guarantee absolutely unique content which really interests and encourages readers to stay on your site or to read your text to the end. Secure style, power of expression and succinct formulation are just as much a matter of course as the quick completion of your order. We are glad to provide more detailed information about our prices on request (Contact).